Lessons from My 20-Year Class Reunion

This past weekend I attended my 20th high school class reunion. We danced a lot, drank a lot, sang along to ‘90s songs and had a blast.

This is contrary to the stereotype of class reunions I had always heard of…

That everyone is stuffy and pretentious… Lording their (real and exaggerated) accomplishments over others…

Trying to one up everyone else.

There was none of that here.

The overall energy of the party was one of joy, acceptance and genuine happiness at reconnecting with old friends.

Seeing old friends, and meeting their spouses or significant others for the first time, made me think of indoctrination.

There are many parallels between the way you indoctrinate prospects to your business online and how outsiders are indoctrinated into a culture.


It Starts with the Introduction

At my reunion a classmate would say something like, “Hi! So good to see you again! This is my wife, Paula.”

And I’d respond with, “Hi, so nice to meet you!” Followed by a few getting-to-know-you questions.

Online, how do you introduce your business to strangers?

When a prospect discovers you in a search, do you introduce yourself with a brief synopsis of what you do and how you help your customers?

Or do you awkwardly shift your weight, look away, mumble “hi,” and wait for them to start the conversation?

If your SEO tags and search snippet descriptions don’t tell users who you are and what you do, then your business is the equivalent of that socially awkward person who makes people uncomfortable.

Back to the reunion.

After the introduction, most conversations centered around catching up on what my classmates and I are up to here and now, and strolling down a 24-year memory lane.

While there may have been some chit-chat with the spouse, the evening was more about the “Paulas” of the room gaining a window into the culture of her husband’s youth.


And Continues with Revealing Your Brand Identity and Culture

Just by virtue of being present, Paula can tell her husband comes from a culture of Midwest values by the way everyone in the room is engaging with one another.

What kind of values does your business represent?

If your website and marketing are a party, what kind of vibe are you giving off?

Is it one of problem-solving and service? Are you introducing yourself and offering help and guidance?

Or are you looking down your nose and boasting all about your (real and exaggerated) achievements?

And most importantly: Can outsiders tell right away? Or are you confusing them with your awkward silence?

In your Cold Prospect Indoctrination Strategy, strive to be the most gracious host at the best party in town. You’ll attract new customers and make them feel comfortable enough to do business with you.

Have you attended any class reunions? Have you noticed other parallels between social situations and business? Email me your thoughts at Indoctrinatrix @amandafoxcroft.com!


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