Business Don’t Pay Without that CTA

In my previous post I talked about content marketing and how it creates the cornerstone of your prospect indoctrination strategy.

Content marketing is one side of the coin, but on the other side lives something very important that is NOT to be omitted from a successful strategy.

And that’s a call to action (CTA).

Content is important for drawing cold prospects to the warm light of your solutions, but if there’s no call to action when they get there, no opportunity to buy that which will improve their lives, then what’s the point?

Without a CTA you miss opportunities to sell, which is what business is all about, is it not?

So when you write blog posts and emails, when you record videos and podcasts, be sure every piece has a call to action.

It can, and often should be subtle. It’s not a pitch. You’re not standing on the corner, waving your arms shouting “Buy here! Buy now!”

Rather, you’re presenting the opportunity for them to walk through the door. You’ve guided them this far, now all they have to do is take that step to begin the transformation.

Of course, on the other side of the door you better have a great offer, a clean cart page, good guarantees and a “thank you” email in place.

Don’t leave them hanging after you make the sale! Be sure you’re nurturing those new customers with a follow-up email sequence that welcomes your new customers into the fold and makes them feel comfortable.


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