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NewMarket Health

Customer Acquisition VSL headline and lead for Health Sciences Institute (project did not go live due to extenuating circumstances).

Natural Health Sherpa

In addition to the samples listed below, I write website content and newsletters and manage the private Facebook group for Metabolic Mastery Club, a membership-based service for Natural Health Sherpa. Contact me for more information.

Affiliate Emails

Organifi Complete Protein

Cindy lost 30 pounds in 3 months… find out how

Organifi Green Juice

3 reasons I kicked pre-made juices out of my life

This ancient Indian stress-buster works better than yoga

Soothe your “second brain” to flush disease out of your body

Think your thyroid is the problem? Think again!

6 greens you need to eat every day (But DON’T)

Stop the aging process using this 30-second trick

Get back your get-up-and-go with this simple trick

The secret to red-carpet energy, without the celebrity price

Eat THIS to burn belly fat


Your best friend’s health could be at serious risk

Why do dogs eat poop? Answer inside…


Lee Euler’s Cancer Defeated Newsletter

This Little-known Chemical can Prevent and Treat Cancer

Put It on Ice: This freezing technique is a promising cancer treatment

Is Asbestos Exposure Really Something to Worry about?

New Carcinogens Revealed and They’re not What You Might Think

Have you heard of this sweet “natural cancer vaccine”?

How to use the autumn harvest to fight cancer all year long

Eat toxins to fight cancer? Yes!

The Most Refreshing Way to Prevent Cancer

Sixty-Year-Old Cancer Theory Comes out of the Shadows

How This Common Yard Weed Can Treat Cancer

What You Should Know about Integrative Oncology

Statin Use May Increase Cancer Risk: Are You In Danger?

Do You Know Our Odd Ally in the Fight against Cancer?

Proof Alternative Methods can Defeat Cancer from Within

Are e-Cigarettes a Healthy Alternative to Smoking Tobacco?

What Do Toenails, Trace Minerals and Cancer Have in Common?

This Common Plant May Be the Key to a Better Cancer Treatment

Familiar Fruit Gets a New Name, Keeps Same Anti-cancer Benefits

Lee Euler’s Brain Health Breakthroughs Newsletter (formerly  Natural Health Insiders)

Sashay Your Way to a Stronger Brain

Fight Alzheimer’s Disease with Pumpkin Pie?

Not All Alzheimer’s Disease Is Created Equal

Brain Pacemaker Research Advances to the Next Stage

How to Turn the Tide of Alzheimer’s Disease

Doing This Twice Daily May Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

How 2 Viruses and a Parasite can Lead to Alzheimer’s Disease

How to Kick Alzheimer’s Disease to the Curb

How to Avoid Alzheimer’s Disease While Sitting in Your Favorite Chair

More Women have Alzheimer’s than Men: 2 Possible Reasons Why

Dr. Jade Teta, Menopause Program 

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Autoresponder Series

Dr. Jade Teta, Craving Cocoa Autoresponder Series

Craving Cocoa autoresponder #1: Hormones of Hunger

Craving Cocoa autoresponder #2: Biochemistry of Cravings

Craving Cocoa autoresponder #3: The Best Food for Fat Loss

Craving Cocoa autoresponder #4: Cocoa is your BFF

Craving Cocoa autoresponder #5: Recap and Last Chance

ECELA Spanish Immersion Schools in South America 

ECELA Brochure

Simple Sales Letter and Order Form

Autoresponder series

One day after opt-in: Say “yes!” to a unique cultural adventure [details inside]

Two days after: Your South American adventure is waiting…

Three days after: Quick question for you…

Four days after: Last chance

Wealthy Web Writer 

3 “Chef’s Tips” for Getting the Most out of Life

SMART Goals: Your Recipe for Success

Answer These 5 Questions Before You Start the New Year

Fitter, Happier, More Productive: 5 Web Writer Wellness Habits

   Wealth Through Personal Wellness: Four Ways to Create a Success Mindset Series

Wealth Through Personal Wellness-Develop and Practice Self-Compassion

Wealth Through Personal Wellness-Practicing Positivity

Wealth Through Personal Wellness-Mindfulness

Wealth Through Personal Wellness-Gratitude


L2TMedia SEO Blog Posts

Honda Motor Company: Steward of the Earth

Honda’s Environmental Commitment Runs Deep

For More Power, Upgrade to Jeep Performance Parts

RAM Trucks Team Up with Rolling Stone Country

5 Reasons to get a Jeep Wrangler Unlimted

The Futuristic Dodge Charger Pursuit

RAM-sponsored Events at the Michigan State Fair

Roadkill Nights Will Continue in 2016!

Meet Your Jeep Brand Ambassador

History of the Drive-thru Window

Essential Checks for a Great Summer Road Trip

Fuel Efficiency Ratings at a Glance

Jeep Jamboree USA: What You Need to Know

Does Your Teen Driver Have the Skills to Stay Safe?

Jeep Vehicles: Fun for Both Kids and Adults

The Biggest, Baddest Jeep Vehicle Yet!

And You Thought 707 Horsepower Was Enough

Plum Crazy about Dodge Muscle Cars!

The Magic and Majesty of Route 66

Celebrating the Drive-in Movie Theatre

Road Trip 2.0: Uconnect System Enhances This Summer Staple

Jeep Life Programs: Endless Summer and Badge of Honor

RAM Nation–A Community Like No Other

Honda Begins Test-driving Self-driving Cars

Honda Accord Honored by Car and Driver Magazine, Again

Honda Cars among the Most Stolen in 2014

Classic Cars in Lebanon

Mobility 2088: How will you get around?

New Technology Aims to Curb Drunk Driving

Honda Supports Great Organizations across the Country

The 2016 Honda HR-V: Ready for You Today!

Honda: Committed to the Environment

Honda Races into the Future

The Amazing ASIMO

How to Care for Your Leather Auto Interiors

Get Outta Town in a Trail Rated® Jeep® Vehicle

Introducing Your Co-pilot: The Uconnect System®

Dodge Viper: Hand Crafted Beauty Like No Other

Jeep® Makes a Splash in the World of Professional Surfing

Stretch Your Dollars Further with Fuel Efficiency

See What the Industry Is Saying about Honda Vehicles!

Honda Corporations Supports the Arts in America

RAM Trucks Set Guinness World Record

For Serious Off-Roading, Upgrade to Jeep Performance Parts

The Newest Dodge Muscle Cars Are on the Big Screen!

The Jeep® Grand Cherokee Gets Tons of Attention

We Make Buying Your First Car Easy!

Dodge and Chrysler Cars Awarded Top Honors

You Need to See These 2015 Models!

Your Teen Driver Is Safer in a Newer Car

We Have Your Perfect Family Sedan!

Gas Prices Are Down; Car and Truck Sales Are Up!

Extreme Barbie™ Jeep® Racing

The Great American Road Trip

New RAM Trucks at the Detroit Auto Show

Get a 2015 Dodge Viper as Unique as You Are!

Get Into a RAM Truck Today!

Trail-Rated® Means You’re Unstoppable!

The 2015 Jeep® Wrangler Limited Editions Are Here!

The Dodge Challenger in Popular Culture: A Brief Overview

Out With the Old, In With the New, Dodge Style

Find Out Now Which Jeep® 4×4 System Is Right for You!

The 2015 Chrysler 200 Will Start Your Year Off Right!

Jeep® SUVs More Popular Than Ever!

The New 2015 Chrysler 200 is Loaded with Safety Features

Exclusive Uconnect® Systems Available

2015 RAM 1500 EcoDiesel Wins Awards, Woos the Public

Check Out the New 2015 RAM 2500

We Have a Jeep® Vehicle to Fit Every Need and Lifestyle

Dodge Muscle Cars Get Special Treatment

Meet the Innovative Chrysler Pentastar® Engine

Fiat Chrysler Automotive Invests in Production, Outsells the Competition

The New, Trail Rated® 2015 Jeep® Cherokee Is Here


Volume One Magazine

Brewing up Oktoberfest

Public Library 2.0

Thinking Outside the Boxx

Roll Out the Barrel

A Gritty Read for the City

Eau Claire’s Downtown Sushi Fix

Ordinary / Artful: Two artists’ 2D and 3D exhibit elevates everyday objects

Experience the Wonderful Magic of Make Believe

Gather Around Again: Inga Witscher returns for a third season on public TV

Best of the Chippewa Valley

Best Body of Water for Recreation

Best Place to Get Fit

Best Local Musical

Best Local Play

Best Steak

Best Kind of Eatery We Most Need

Most Inspired Restaurant Atmosphere

Best Bar Food

Best Bloody Mary

Best Happy Hour Spot

Best Specialty Drink

Best Sports Bar


Queen of the Castle Magazine, August 2015

Neutralize Negativity


Costa Ballena Living

Building the Sustainable Dream