#1: Reverse menopausal weight gain [FREE Training]

Hey, Dr. Jade here.

If you’re a woman in your 50’s or 60’s (or even the end of your 40’s), you’ve probably experienced the most common symptom of menopause…

Your hourglass figure looks like someone poured about 90 minutes of extra sand in the glass.

It’s all bunching up around the middle… Your once-feminine shape now looks more like a ripe apple.

It sucks.

I know, because my mom went through the same thing…

She tried all sorts of ways to lose weight and feel like herself again, but nothing worked…

She also complained of low energy and insomnia…

She grew increasingly frustrated and wanted to give up all together…

Being a doctor who loves his mom, I couldn’t let that happen.

So, using my years of study about the female metabolism, I tweaked her diet and exercise patterns until…

I discovered an easier, smarter way to eat and move that works with the mature woman’s changing hormones to reverse menopausal weight gain, improve sleep and increase energy.

(By the way, it has nothing to do with intense exercise or super-restrictive diets… in fact, I found what works best is the exact opposite…)

It was so successful — and completely contrary to the mainstream advice given to menopausal women — that I couldn’t keep it to myself.

I’ve distilled some of that revolutionary information and put it together in a super-easy Menopause Formula Cheat Sheet you can use to help you combat food cravings brought on by shifting hormones.

You see, decreasing estrogen and progesterone levels in your body brought on by menopause make your body more sensitive to insulin.

Carbohydrates have a tendency to spike your insulin, and because you have less estrogen to modify the insulin, belly fat creeps in.

That’s where the Menopause Formula Cheat Sheet can help. This FREE tool

  • Gives you a simple way to control cravings for junk and comfort food without going hungry…
  • Shows you how to unlock your fat-burning potential with foods and exercise you enjoy…

In addition to the Menopause Formula Cheat Sheet, you get exclusive access to a brief online training video that reveals

  • How to find your Menopausal Type so you can create a diet and exercise plan that works with your unique hormone levels…
  • How you can work the two most impactful elements of menopausal weight gain in your favor to shed the weight and keep it off…
  • Simple exercises to melt belly fat and increase energy — without breaking a sweat
  • A customizable system that helps you take control of your body, energy and LIFE, before, during and after menopause (and actually ENJOY yourself in the process).

“The Change” itself may be inevitable but you can get a handle on menopausal weight gain and continue to live an active life.

Register now for your FREE Menopause Formula Cheat Sheet and online training and discover the smartest, fastest way to reverse menopausal weight gain and feel like your old self again. 

All you have to do is pop your first name and email onto the next page.

Be well,

Dr. Jade

P.S. If you’re trying to combat menopausal weight gain using programs designed for male bodybuilders or female fitness models in their 20’s and 30’s… STOP. It won’t work.

Hardcore exercise and calorie restriction only make menopause symptoms WORSE.

Register for this FREE Menopause Formula Cheat Sheet and online training to discover what DOES work with your changing hormones for faster fat loss.