3 reasons I kicked pre-made juices out of my life

Hey there, it’s The Sherpa.

You’re running errands or the kids all over town to their many activities and you stop for gas. Once inside the store you spot the cooler of individual size bottles of green juice.

Thinking it would be a great way to get your greens and boost your energy, you pick one up and drink it on the way to the next destination.

Unfortunately, despite their reputation these green juices are NOT a good way to get nutrients, nor are they a healthy alternative to drinking soda.

In fact, here are 3 reasons why I’ve kicked these pre-made juices out of my life forever.


#1: Store-bought juices are packed with sugar

The recommended total daily allowance of sugar is between 25 and 37 grams, and one can of cola has about 34 grams of sugar.

If you think bottles of green juice are a healthy alternative, you might be surprised to learn many contain the same amount, or more, of sugar.

In fact, one kind of “no sugar added” green juice contains a staggering 53 grams of sugar!

And drinking that much sugar is worse for you than eating it, since there’s no fiber to slow the absorption, which causes blood sugar spikes, insulin resistance and diabetes.


#2: Pre-made juices have very few nutrients

Bottles of store-bought juices may have been pressed from real veggies and fruit, but they’ve also been pasteurized to increase shelf life and kill viruses and micro-organisms.

But pasteurizing juice is like taking an antibiotic: it kills all the bad and the good bacteria equally.

The delicate enzymes, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that make fresh juice so healthy are destroyed during the process.


#3: There are more than just greens in those bottles

The contents of those bottled juices are not as pure as you might think.

One well-known brand settled a class-action lawsuit in 2013 and was forced to remove the “All Natural” wording from its label after it was discovered that its juices contain digestion-resistant corn-based bulking agents, alternative sweeteners, synthetically produced vitamin B5 and genetically modified soy.

The company changed the label … but they didn’t change the product.

What’s even scarier is that not only are the juices filled with unsavory ingredients, but the veggies and fruits used are not organic.

This means these juices are laced with toxic pesticides and possibly made from genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently classified glyphosate, the most widely used herbicide on GMO crops, as a probable human carcinogen.


Most of the juices available on the market come in single-serving plastic bottles, which pose serious health risks for both humans and the natural environment.

Chemicals from plastic, such as Bisphenol-A (BPA) have been known to cause cancer, birth defects, attention deficit disorder (ADD) and disrupt the thyroid and endocrine systems, leading to obesity.

Plastic isn’t biodegradable and very little of it is ever recycled.

And so much plastic sits in landfills that it has poisoned the groundwater and surface water in nearby areas.

The truth is, when you grab one of these juices that have been sitting on the shelf for a week … or three … you’re paying almost $5 for a single serving of toxic, nutritionally void liquid sugar that will devastate your health.


A better, tasty way to get your nutrients

So how does a busy person such as yourself get the health benefits of juice without spending hundreds of dollars and countless hours buying and juicing tons of organic vegetables and fruits?

Well, I may just have the solution for you.

And it’s so easy!

If you can swirl a spoon in a glass you can get whole food nutrition without the artificial ingredients, poison or excess sugar.

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Remember, always do your homework and use common sense to determine what is right for YOU.


Naturally yours,


The Sherpa


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