6 greens you need to eat every day (But DON’T)

Hey there, it’s The Sherpa again.

So, you know eating your greens is one of the best things you can do for weight loss, increased energy and overall good health.

We’re always being told to “eat five to eight servings of vegetables a day.”

And we should.


If you’re anything like me, you want a shortcut.

At first juicing seemed like a good option…

Until I realized what a pain it is to shop for 10 pounds of spinach, kale and assorted greens every week!

Not to mention all the time it takes to wash, prepare, juice the veggies and then clean the juicer.

No, thank you.

So then I started looking into more “exotic” greens…

Superfoods packed with nutrition so that I could get more for less…

So I wouldn’t have to eat 10-plus pounds of veggies to get the same amount antioxidants, enzymes and other nutrients.

And I found some superstars of the greens world!

Check out these 6 greens and their amazing health benefits:

  • Chlorella is an excellent source of plant-based protein, which helps maintain muscle mass. It also absorbs slowly keeping your insulin from spiking and can increase insulin sensitivity. And it’s clinically proven to reduce body fat from the midsection.
  • Spirulina provides tons of nutrients for your brain, increasing cognitive functioning and making you more alert. It also feeds your cells so that you feel full and satisfied for longer, which manages cravings and allows you to eat less without hunger.
  • Wheatgrass helps your body flush toxins out with chlorophyll, an oxygen-rich phytonutrient. It also has Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), an antioxidant that clears out pollutants so your cells can better absorb nutrients.
  • Moringa is nature’s antiaging superfood. Eating this green floods your cells with antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and E, quercetin, Zeatin as well as all 18 essential and non-essential amino acids for the freshest, healthiest cells your body can produce.
  • Mint is a natural stimulant that gets your brain functioning at a high level, banishes sluggishness and even reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety. It also stimulates digestive enzymes that turn fat into usable energy instead of storing it on your belly or butt.
  • Matcha green tea is a powder with 10x the antioxidants of green tea. It’s rich in catechins called EGCG, which is known for scavenging free radicals, reducing cortisol so you drop belly fat, balancing leptin to regulate appetite, and boosting your metabolism by as much as 40%!


As you can see, these awesome superfoods have a lot to offer, especially when you get them all daily.

But how can you get all these superfoods every day?

Because these foods are exotic and native to different regions of the world, you’d have to spend a lot of time and money tracking down high quality products from reputable providers …

Even with the convenience of the internet …

If you live in the right climate zone you could try growing a moringa tree, but it would take years to get enough leaves …

You could attempt to grow spirulina in a pond in your backyard… a questionable solution at best.

You could spend a lot of money on bitter ceremonial-grade matcha tea …

Or choke down wheatgrass shots from the health food store…

You could chew on mint leaves, which might not be so bad, but be sure you check your teeth often for stray bits!

The fact is, it’s just too expensive and time consuming to gather and eat all these superfoods by themselves each day.

The only way to get them with any measure of convenience is to have them already blended into a delicious, nutritious blend.

There’s one product that’s done this and it tastes incredible!

It’s not bitter.

It doesn’t taste like wet grass.

And all it takes is 30 seconds, a glass of water and a spoon.

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Remember, always do your homework and use common sense to determine what is right for YOU.

Naturally yours,


The Sherpa


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