Brochure: Top 3 reasons to choose ECELA

іBienvenida! Welcome to Ecela!

There’s no better way to learn Spanish than by LIVING the language, out loud and proud, at any or all Ecela schools in Chile, Argentina and Peru.

All of our Spanish classes are small, with a maximum of eight people…

But each week we have fewer than eight spots available to new students because we must give priority to returning students and…

We reserve spots for our existing students who extend their stay, which happens a lot. Just ask Burke Tipps from the United States:

“I originally signed up for six weeks, but liked it so much that I signed up for another six weeks and then again for another eight weeks. True story.”

Classes fill up fast, and we want to make sure you grab this incredible opportunity.

Please take a moment to send us a quick email at with the subject “Hola.” If you have a question go ahead and include it, otherwise you can leave the body blank.

It’s important you do this because:

  1. It’s an easy way to ensure you receive emails from Ecela in your primary inbox, instead of getting lost in the Spam folder or a secondary folder.
  2. We’ll update you on class availability via email within the next 24 hours and it would be a bummer if you missed that message because it landed in your Spam folder.
  3. If there’s room in your preferred class you’ll want to act quickly to guarantee your spot. Lost emails could delay your immersion opportunity.

While we check the availability of your preferred class location and dates, read on to discover why Ecela is right for you.

Reason #1 Ecela Is the Best Value for Your Time and Money

Regardless of your previous language experience, age or country of origin, you can increase your Spanish ability five times faster at Ecela than if you studied at a university…

At a fraction of the price.

Three weeks in an Ecela program is equivalent to a 15-week college semester… 

In just six weeks you could be as fluent in Spanish as if you studied an entire year in a college class.

The secrets to your success at Ecela are:

  • Small grammar and conversation classes with elite-level teachers.

All Ecela teachers have an education background, are native Spanish speakers and receive additional training in our exclusive teaching method, the Ecela Spanish Immersion Fluency Pathway.

Small classes mean you get more attention from the teachers and can be comfortable asking questions.

The conversation classes feel like a friendly chat over coffee, which greatly reduces the intimidation of learning to speak Spanish so you can learn more, faster.

Karianne Hoenderkamp from the Netherlands can speak to that:

“I had a fantastic time during the four weeks I spent at Ecela Spanish School in Santiago, Chile. I learned more Spanish than I would in a year in Amsterdam. It was the best vacation of my life, and I loved sharing this experience with so many special people.”

Even if you’ve studied Spanish before, Ecela’s unique approach can take your language skills to the next level. Katherine Nace from Virginia is proof of that.

“Before I went to Ecela, I studied Spanish in the United States for a total of six years. Yet despite all that, I couldn’t speak fluently. In fact, I couldn’t even understand native Spanish speakers during higher level conversations.
Because of this
I knew, without a doubt, that I had to go to abroad to learn to speak like a native. Consequently, when Ecela contacted me about their program in Buenos Aires, I immediately decided to participate. And that was the best decision I could have made.”

  • Cultural outings with your fellow students.

These activities extend your education beyond the classroom with real-world practice. They also give you inside access to local culture not available to the average tourist or traveler.

Like Jeremi Morgan from the United States says:

“My experience in Santiago was truly outstanding. It is an incredible place to take classes and enjoy the city. [Ecela] planned so many things that I would have never done if I was traveling alone. Cooking classes, dancing classes, rafting, skiing, cultural excursions, and exploring the local nightlife are all a part of the Ecela experience.”

You wouldn’t learn Spanish as quickly or have as much fun sitting alone at a computer using language software… Or crammed into a lecture hall with 100 other students…

Not to mention the cost of attending a university! You could easily spend tens of thousands of dollars on university language classes. But not at Ecela

For as little as $190 a week at Ecela you’ll receive

  • All materials, including new books as you progress toward fluency
  • Snacks and refreshments during class breaks
  • Weekly coaching sessions, and
  • Three cultural outings a week

Reason #2 The Freedom to Explore Rich Cultures and Spanish Accents

It’s impossible to know if a location will be a good fit until you get there. At Ecela we never want you to feel like you’re locked into a long-term commitment that will make you unhappy.

If, after you reserve your spot, you change your mind about which school you want join, you can change the dates and locations of your class for FREE.

You can change locations any time after you begin your program as well. That’s just one of the benefits of having six schools to choose from! Ecela students appreciate this flexibility, like Bob Van Buggenhout from Belgium:

“The nice thing about the Ecela system is that you can take a break, travel a bit and continue in different schools all over South America… I will be back at Ecela wherever I can find them.”

When you “school hop” you experience different cultures and also tune your ear to a variety of Spanish accents. Recognizing accents deepens your Spanish language understanding and makes it easier to connect with a wider variety of Spanish speakers.

Reason #3 Ecela Guarantees Rapid Spanish Improvement and Cultural Adventure

Your entire experience with Ecela is backed by our 15-year proven track record in successful immersion programs and our 5-Star Guarantee.

At Ecela, we guarantee

  • Your right to change schools. You’re free to experience all six Ecela schools at no additional cost.
  • Significant Spanish improvement. You’ll make meaningful progress in your Spanish each week, by YOUR standards.
  • Thorough course enjoyment. You’ll look forward to class each day and to spending time with your instructors, classmates and the Ecela staff.
  • A comfortable environment. All Ecela schools are located in quiet, safe residential neighborhoods. You’ll find our school facilities clean and inviting.
  • Friendly staff. As our welcome guest, you will be treated like member of the Ecela family, not just another student.

Learning Spanish at Ecela is one of the best educational experiences you’ll ever have. If it’s not, for any reason, we will

  1. Refund the week’s class fee and
  2. Pay for you to study for one week at a competing school

With Ecela, we create the widest possible “safety net” for you. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose and the entire Spanish-speaking world to gain!

If you have any questions, big or small, please contact us. We’re here to help you on your journey to Spanish fluency.


Phone: (+1)347-329-5506

Remember to send us a quick email at with the subject “Hola.”

You’ll want to ensure all Ecela updates and details are delivered to your primary inbox, and this is the quickest way to do it.