Craving Cocoa Autoresponder #1: Hormones of Hunger

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What’s really behind those awful cravings

What animates the craving monster, and how to slay it

Crush cravings by knowing their weaknesses

How to break the cycle of self-denial and guilt for good

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How control cravings for good

Your Free Mini-Course, Day 1: The Hormones of Hunger



Hey, Dr. Jade here.

Welcome to Day 1 of your free mini-course, A Guide to Understanding and Crushing Cravings.

Today I’ll discuss the hormones of hunger and 3 tools for controlling cravings.

Both hunger and cravings are hormonal sensations.

Some of the hormones at work are

  • Ghrelin stimulates the hungry feeling and is produced in the stomach.
  • Cholecystokinin (CCK) is released in the upper intestine and turns off hunger.
  • Glucose-dependent insulinotropic peptide (GIP) and glucagon like peptide (GLP) are released in the upper intestine and stimulate the release of insulin. They turn off the hunger signals in the brain.
  • Leptin is a hormone produced in your body’s fat cells and regulates the feeling of satiety in the brain.
  • Peptide YY (PYY) is released from the lower intestines and its job is to regulate your appetite and food intake.


Food is information for your hormones.

For example, CCK, GIP and GLP, the hormones that turn off hunger in the brain, are all stimulated by fat and protein.

When you eat anything, the information in the food tells your brain that it’s either getting what it needs …

Or that it needs more … and more … and more…

Hence, the insatiable cravings caused by trigger foods low in protein and high in sugar and fat.

Below are three things you can use to provide your brain with the feeling of satiety in order to kick the swings of cravings and hunger.

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)

BCAA are usually associated with bodybuilding because they help the body build muscle by stimulating mTOR, a protein that regulates cell growth.

mTor also signals the feelings of satisfaction and fullness to the brain, so BCAA help “trick” your brain into feeling full.

Within the category of BCAA, three amino acids in particular help control cravings and hunger: leucine, isoleucine and valine.

These amino acids build glucose and ketones, the brain’s most valuable fuel source.

By adding glucose and ketones to your brain, it gets the signal that your body has enough fuel and doesn’t need more calories.

Hunger and cravings averted.


I’ll go into fiber in greater detail later in the mini-course, but want to give you a quick overview here.

Fiber helps you to feel full for longer periods, and also keeps your insulin from spiking. This in turn helps to reduce the production of ghrelin, that hunger-signaling hormone.

So more fiber in your diet means you feel hungry less often.


I want to go into greater detail about cocoa later in the course, but wanted to mention something very important here:

Cocoa is the #1 buffer food on the planet.

It’s packed with phenolic chemicals that light up your feel-good hormones dopamine and serotonin.

It’s also full of antioxidants that restore damaged cells and even reduce the signs of aging.

Using the natural bioactive compounds in raw organic cocoa powder with the addition of BCAA and soluble viscous fiber, our Craving Cocoa supplement satisfies both your gut and your brain for hours after drinking it.

No more white-knuckle willpower. No more self-denial.

Just satisfaction and fat loss.

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Be well,


Dr. Jade


P.S. To get BCAA in your diet you could choke down bodybuilding supplements, but many of those products have caffeine and other additives that can throw your brain chemistry off, actually making cravings worse.

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