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Your Free Mini-Course, Day 3: The #1 Food for Fat Loss



Hey, Dr. Jade here.

Welcome to Day 3 of the Guide to Understanding and Crushing Cravings mini-course.

On Day 1 we covered the hormones of hunger, and yesterday you learned what happens in your brain when cravings hit.

Today we’re going to talk about fiber, and why it’s crucial to your fat loss efforts.

Dozens of studies have been done on dietary fiber, and they’ve shown that the single best predictor of a person’s likelihood of fat loss is their fiber intake.

Fiber slows the entry of food into the blood stream, which stabilizes blood sugar and releases insulin slowly. This keeps your insulin from spiking, which causes crashes and cravings later on.

The more regulated and balanced your insulin levels are the less fat storage you have.

Beans and legumes, avocados and dark leafy greens are all great sources of fiber.

And fiber supplements are a viable option as well.

But not all fiber is created equal.

If you’re going to add a fiber supplement I suggest you add soluble viscous fiber.

Viscosity refers to the “thickness” or “stickiness” of a liquid (think of honey or molasses). When viscous fibers contact water they form a gel.

When eaten, this gel coats the digestive tract and communicates with sensing cells lining the gut. The presence of this thick coating on the cells has several benefits.

The coating itself signals to the sensing cells there is something to digest and therefore digestion is slowed. It also causes the release of GIP and GLP which signal fullness more quickly in the brain. (Refer back to Day 1 of this mini-course for a recap on GIP and GLP.)

The coating causes increased time of exposure between the gut sensing cells and the food’s nutrients, allowing your body to absorb them more efficiently.

It also causes the food to be absorbed lower down in the small intestine, in the area called the ileum.

This triggers what’s called the ileal brake. Consistent activation of the ileal brake has been shown to reduce appetite and food intake while also increasing the sensation of satiety.

That sounds ideal, right?

So what’s the best way to increase your intake of soluble viscous fibers?

Craving Cocoa uses some of the most well-researched soluble viscous fibers on the market that achieve the results mentioned above.

Plus, it’s blended with bioactive compounds that stimulate neurotransmitters, your brain’s pleasure centers, antioxidants, BCAA and tons of other great ingredients that help you break out of the craving/self-denial/guilt cycle and live the fat loss lifestyle with ease.

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Be well,


Dr. Jade


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