Craving Cocoa autoresponder #5: Recap and Last Chance

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Lesson 5: The Excalibur of Crushing Cravings

Don’t lose your Secret weapon in the war on cravings

Last chance to try Craving Cocoa for $27

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Your Free Mini-Course, Day 5: Recap and Last Chance



Hey, Dr. Jade here.

Welcome to the fifth and final day of your Guide to Understanding and Crushing Cravings mini-course.

We’ve covered a lot of ground this week.

We learned about the hormones of hunger, the biochemistry of cravings, why fiber is a must-have tool in your fat loss arsenal and how raw organic cocoa powder can crush cravings.

Building on these topics I wanted to cover how Craving Cocoa is the Excalibur of crushing cravings.

Cocoa powder: Obviously, the main ingredient in Craving Cocoa is raw organic cocoa powder, which has been shown to boost your mood as well provide a feeling of satisfaction by altering your brain chemistry in positive ways.

You know that the best way to combat a craving is to feed your brain what it needs, not deprive yourself.

But we didn’t stop there. We took this incredible natural product and boosted it with Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) that can stimulate feelings of fullness and satisfaction in the brain.

We used the amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine for their ability to control cravings and hunger and because they provide the brain with the glucose and ketones it needs to function.

And since your brain is getting the fuel it needs, it doesn’t send out signals to your body to get more calories, therefore hunger and cravings are reduced at the source.

Finally, we beefed up the cocoa powder with the best soluble viscous fiber to create what I like to call “cocoa on steroids.”

This fiber coats your gut and signals your brain that you’re full for a longer time.

It also helps your body absorb more nutrients from the food you eat and causes that “ileal brake” that’s been clinically proven to reduce appetite while also increasing the sensation of satiety.

Craving Cocoa is your ultimate weapon in your fat-loss arsenal.

It allows you to stop cravings before they start and gives you a great chocolatey treat without the added calories and sugar of plain old dark chocolate.

And you can still get it, RISK FREE for just $27.

But this offer won’t last much longer. Get your hands on Craving Cocoa and you’ll find your journey to the fat loss lifestyle become easier, smoother and happier.

No more self-denial. No more guilt.

Just delicious, mood-boosting, craving crushing yumminess that will fuel your days.


Be well,


Dr. Jade


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