Get back your get-up-and-go with this simple trick

Hey there, it’s The Sherpa.

Remember that enormous oil spill from a few years ago?

The toxic, black sludge was everywhere …

I still can’t get the image of suffocating fish, covered in the slimy stuff, out of my head.

But get this:

That same stuff is the reason you’re tired, fatigued, and need a nap every day at 2:30.

Your cells are the same as that fish … smothered in toxic sludge … unable to move, dying.

I know it’s horrific, but I need you to understand …

Like that poor fish, your cells are absorbing environmental toxins from things like:

Carcinogens in car exhaust …

Flame retardant chemicals in mattresses and couches …

Certain pharmaceutical drugs …

When left unchecked these toxins smother your cells, preventing oxygen from reaching them.

Every cell in your body needs oxygen to produce energy, and when they can’t get it you end up exhausted and haggard day after day.

So how can you stop the flood of toxins to get your energy back?

You could spend hours every week buying and juicing up to 20 pounds of organic vegetables …

You could choke down bitter green juice twice a day …

Or you could pay hundreds of dollars to starve yourself on one of those sketchy and dangerous detox diets.

Ugh. Forget about it!

There’s a better way to revitalize your cells and send your energy through the roof.

The secret?

Effective detoxing requires MORE nutrients from whole foods such as

  • Wheatgrass, which contains chlorophyll, an oxygen-rich phytonutrient. It also has Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), an antioxidant that clears out pollutants so your cells can better absorb nutrients.
  • Beets contain nitrates, which dilate blood vessels to allow a greater amount of oxygen into cells.
  • Coconut water is rich in cytokinins, plant hormones that promote healthy cell division. Once your cells are rid of the toxins they can start functioning better, faster.

You don’t even have to combine these ingredients yourself.

They’re available already perfectly portioned for maximum results …

And the best part? It tastes Amazing!

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Remember, always do your homework and use common sense to determine what is right for YOU.


Naturally yours,


The Sherpa


P.S. If you’ve been struggling to find your get-up-and-go for a while, it’s NOT because “you’re getting older,” but because your cells are drowning in toxins.

You don’t have to resign yourself to a life of exhaustion and mental fogginess.

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