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President Trump Approves New Natural Cure for Alzheimer’s Disease, Landing A Stunning Blow To Big Pharma

 This Special Report Reveals The Untold Story Of The Breakthrough Discovery You Won’t Hear Anywhere Else


What I’m about to tell you may shock you… and save your life.


It involves behind-the-scenes, Trump Administration-funded brain research…


A mysterious “forgotten organ”…


And the cure for Alzheimer’s disease.


What? You haven’t heard about President Trump’s breakthrough cure for Alzheimer’s disease?


Well, I’m not surprised…


Because the liberal media is too busy making up fake news meant to make President Trump look bad.


They would rather cut out their own tongues…


Than report on the progress the President makes to help Americans like you and me live better.


That’s why you’ll only hear this amazing true story in this Special Report…


The story behind what many people “in the know” consider to be the biggest upset to the Medical Establishment since it started controlling your healthcare, your options and your life.


The FDA, Big Pharma, and health insurers are doing everything in their power to bury the fact that


President Trump has approved a safe, all-natural cure for Alzheimer’s disease


And this cure is available right now…


It could be the best hope you have to reverse memory loss, confusion and the other symptoms of this disease.


It’s a revolutionary, yet completely safe and simple solution. It does NOT required endless doctor visits…


There are NO expensive medication…


It does NOT need FDA approval…


And you don’t have to beg the damn insurance company to pay for it.


But thanks to the biased morons in the media, you won’t hear about this incredible new discovery anywhere but here


That’s why, as soon as I found out about this discovery, I stopped what I was doing…


And put together a special report that reveals all the details of this Alzheimer’s cure.


It tells you everything you need to know to save yourself, and your loved ones, from the ravages of Alzheimer’s disease.


I’m going to tell you exactly how to get this FREE special report in just a minute, but first…


You MUST hear the fascinating story of how this incredible Alzheimer’s cure came to be.


It starts in 1993. Donald Trump and his father, Fred Trump, were driving down Fifth Avenue in New York City.


Donald turned to his father to tell him he had bought the land under the Empire State Building. A jaw-dropping, and lucrative, achievement.


His father, a major postwar real estate developer in the New York area, replied, “That’s a tall building, isn’t it? How many apartments are in that building?”[i]


This from a man who had lived his entire life in and around New York. He had known the city—and especially its real estate—like the back of his hand. He had taught Donald everything he knew about business and investing.


At first, Mr. Trump thought his father was joking. After all, how could his dad, a legendary real estate investor and his personal hero, not know the Empire State Building?


But then he realized the awful truth:


His father’s mind was in the deadly grip of Alzheimer’s disease


The doctors diagnosed Fred Trump diagnosed shortly after that. And for six years Donald, a devoted son and admirer of this great man, watched helplessly as this cruel disease took his beloved father.


Fred Trump passed away on June 25, 1999 at age 93.[ii]


This part of Donald Trump’s life had a profound effect on him…


And it ignited his determination to banish this disease from all our lives. For good.


That’s why, even before he took office,


President Trump committed to making sure no American would have to suffer the way his dad had


When he first became president, he tried to further this mission the conventional way.


He signed into law the largest research spending increase in more than a decade. This gave the National Institutes of Health (NIH) a $3 billion boost. It also included $414 million for Alzheimer’s disease research.[iii]


This was a great start, but he knew he needed to do more.


So Trump passed the Right to Try Bill. It allows terminally ill Americans (like those with Alzheimer’s disease) to bypass the FDA…


And try possible life-saving treatments not yet available to the public…


So they might find relief when all else has failed.


This helps millions of people dying of Alzheimer’s get access to experimental treatments. But President Trump knew even that wasn’t enough. He had to do more.


So he gave huge tax cuts to Big Pharma corporations. His intention was to open up gobs of money


So Big Pharma would invest in research and development for an Alzheimer’s disease cure…


To get life-saving treatments into the hands of the Americans who need it as fast as possible…


This was part of the President’s personal mission to snuff out Alzheimer’s disease.


And do you know what those greedy pharmaceutical pigs did?


Instead of putting that money toward finding a cure…


They pocketed the money…


They shut down all research and development of any new Alzheimer’s disease cure[iv]


They betrayed the President of the United States…


And they left you and your family to die!


Those selfish fat cats running Big Pharma took the money and ran.


They might as well have taken out a full-page ad in every US newspaper that said:


[[make this look like a newspaper headline rip-out]]

Big Pharma to the American People: “Drop dead.”


They don’t care about you or your family…


They only care about fattening their bottom line. At any cost…


Including the President’s personal mission to solve the Alzheimer’s disease crisis and save you and your mom, dad, children, grandkids…


And everyone else you know and love from suffering from this devastating disease.


When President Trump realized these morally corrupt cowards would do NOTHING to save Americans from Alzheimer’s…


He was so furious… yet still so determined to find the cure…


That he decided to do something completely different.


He abandoned the conventional ways of getting things done.


In classic Trump style, he told these Establishment middlemen, “You’re fired!”


And he went straight to the source of cutting-edge Alzheimer’s disease research…


To Dr. Rudolph Tanzi and his colleagues at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.


Massachusetts General Hospital receives more than $290 million[v] a year from President Trump’s generous funding of the National Institutes of Health, which I mentioned earlier.


It’s one of the largest medical research labs in the country.


Dr. Tanzi is the Co Vice-Chair for Neurology Research and the Director of Genetics and Aging at Massachusetts General Hospital. He’s also a professor of neurology at Harvard Medical School.


He’s been studying neurological diseases since 1980. Recently he’s uncovered game-changing details about the origin of Alzheimer’s disease…


Which led to his discovery of an all-natural, pharmaceutical-free Alzheimer’s disease cure!


But for months, this groundbreaking cure has been trapped in the lab…


Buried by the FDA. Denied and ignored by the liberal media.




Because Big Pharma can’t profit from all-natural cures! If they can’t patent it and price gouge you on it, they do NOT want you to know about it.


They thought they could keep it hidden forever.


But they didn’t expect a maverick President on a mission to end Alzheimer’s disease.


A man who no longer plays by the old rules of Big Pharma money controlling “business as usual.”


When the President discovered the Alzheimer’s disease cure at this Boston hospital…


And found out the American people could cure themselves


Without waiting for Big Pharma…


Without going through Medical Establishment middlemen like the FDA…


And without haggling like a Moroccan street vendor with greedy insurance companies to pay for it…


He approved the cure immediately!


It will take years for this Alzheimer’s disease cure to become mainstream. You and your loved ones can NOT wait that long. So we’re getting it out to you now.


I’m so excited to tell you all about this breakthrough cure in your own copy of this FREE special report!


By the way, my name is Dr. Allan Spreen. I’m the Chief Medical Advisor for Health Sciences Institute (HSI). HSI is America’s premier alternative medicine information network.


We’re an alliance of 360,000 doctors, researchers and patriotic Americans just like you.


For more than 20 years, HSI has been on the frontlines in the fight for your health and safety…


Blowing the lid off medical cover-ups. Revealing cures that have helped millions of people regain their health and happiness…


Because living long and well should NOT be reserved only for those who can afford to buy good health.


Good health is the birthright of every American


President Trump knew he couldn’t count on the mainstream media to get the word out about this cure. They’re in bed with the Medical Establishment!


That’s why we’re dedicated to bringing you this breakthrough cure for Alzheimer’s disease.


We may not have the power and money President Trump has. We can’t spend millions to fund research. We can’t give tax cuts.


But we can fulfill our mission while helping the President fulfill his


By acting as the bridge between you and the cure for Alzheimer’s.


We’ve taken up the cause on behalf of the President. We’re committed to giving you everything you need to prevent and reverse Alzheimer’s disease.


But before I go further, there’s something you need to know:


What I’m going to tell you is NOT known in the mainstream medical community


What President Trump and Dr. Tanzi discovered goes against what most people believe about Alzheimer’s disease…


And it explains why 99% of doctors will never be able to help their patients reverse memory loss.


You see, the old theory about Alzheimer’s says beta amyloid plaques and tau tangles are the cause of the disease.


Beta amyloid plaques are sticky substances that build up on the outside of nerve cells in the brain. When the nerve interacts with the plaque, it tangles up the cell inside, killing it.


It’s like the plaques are a spider’s web and your nerves are a fly, all tangled up and dying a slow death.


This process happens in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients up to 20 years before they notice any memory problems.


But Dr. Tanzi’s breakthrough research shows plaques and tangles are not the cause of the disease


They’re a symptom of the root problem: neuroinflammation.[vi]


“Neuroinflammation” is a fancy word that means irritation of your central nervous system. This includes your brain cells, nerves and spinal cord.


And the weird thing Dr. Tanzi discovered is the source of neuroinflammation…


The place where Alzheimer’s disease begins, is in your gut. It’s NOT in your brain.


That means you have to treat Alzheimer’s disease at the source: your gut


Alzheimer’s drugs that treat only the symptoms in your brain will never solve the problem.


The only way to solve Alzheimer’s is in your gut. I’ll show you how in just a minute.


Your gut is your digestive system. It starts at the top of your throat and winds all through your body until it terminates at the “rear end.”


It plays an important role in many functions in your body aside from digestion. It affects your immune system and metabolism…


It creates hormones and brain chemicals…


It even has a profound influence over your mood, memory and mental health.[vii]


The reason for this is because of your gut microbiome.


Your gut microbiome is an ecosystem of trillions of bacteria and enzymes. It weighs more than your brain[viii] and houses more nerve cells than your spinal cord.[ix]


You have ten times more gut bacteria in your body than you do cells.[x]


Researchers call the gut microbiome a “forgotten organ.” Because it influences or controls so much of your body and brain while not being an organ in the true sense of the word.


Your gut microbiome hosts both “good” and “bad” bacteria that do different things in your body.


The good bacteria does a lot of positive things. It boosts your mood and immune system, helps you think and regulates hormones.[xi]


The bad bacteria does, well, a lot of bad stuff in your body. Too much bad bacteria can cause conditions like chronic bad breath, prostate problems and osteoporosis.[xii]


And as we’ll see in a moment, it also harms your brain.


A healthy gut microbiome has more good bacteria than bad…


But roughly 30 million Americans suffer from gut dysbiosis.[xiii] This means the gut microbiome has more bad bacteria than good.


Think of it like this: The good bacteria in your gut microbiome is like the Justice League. A team of superheroes like Superman, Aquaman and Wonder Woman.


The bad bacteria are the villains. Like the Joker, Lex Luthor and Catwoman.


So, like superheroes and villains, you need more “good guys” in your gut to keep the “bad guys” under control.


And like in the comic books and movies, even when the superheroes win…


The villains keep coming back with more twisted plots to destroy your good health.


The most evil plot of all is that


The bad bacteria in your gut creates chemicals that cause neuroinflammation


That’s right. The bad bacteria creates inflammatory chemicals. Then sends them to your brain on the gut-brain axis. Once there, they create neuroinflammation.


Your gut-brain axis is a sort of biological “information superhighway.” It allows your gut and your brain to “talk” to each other.


When the villainous bad bacteria sends the inflammation to your brain…


Your heroic good bacteria sends amyloid plaques after it. The plaques smother the fires of neuroinflammation.[xiv]


It’s a good system, but here’s where the trouble comes in:


When your bad bacteria outweighs your good bacteria, your brain is always inflamed. So your gut keeps sending the amyloid plaques to your brain. More than it needs.


The plaques pile up in thick layers on your brain cells. They smother the neuroinflammation. But they also smother and kill the brain cells.


This process repeats until so many brain cells die, you forget people’s names… How to drive… And how to take care of yourself.


That means the only way to STOP Alzheimer’s is to stop the neuroinflammation in your brain.


And the only way to stop the neuroinflammation is to rebalance your gut with more good bacteria than bad.


And that’s why, thanks to President Trump’s dedication to ending Alzheimer’s disease, we now know


You can cure Alzheimer’s disease with the AWAKEN Protocol, the proven gut health solution[xv]


And I’ll give you all the details in just a second. If you have a loved one battling Alzheimer’s, you can start getting them better TODAY. But first, listen to this amazing story.


85-year-old George P. was diagnosed with moderate to severe Alzheimer’s disease. George and his wife moved from Florida to Palm Springs, California to be closer to their son.


They hoped being with more family would help…


But the unfamiliar environment only made George’s condition worse.


He started wandering at night. His family couldn’t afford around-the-clock care and were at their wit’s end trying to care for him…


But they found a doctor who put him on a version of the AWAKEN Protocol to reverse his Alzheimer’s.


Within a couple months, George stopped wandering at night. His family was relieved (and well-rested again).


A few months after that, he was joking and laughing with his son like he used to…


Could his Alzheimer’s actually be getting better? His son and wife wondered. They saw a glimmer of hope for the first time…


The longer he stayed with the gut health protocol, the more his memory improved…


And after a year George was well enough to drive himself to his checkups.


That means he went from a lost and confused man, dependent on his family for almost everything…


To being capable and independent again.


That’s simply remarkable.


If it wasn’t backed by hard research, I’d call it a miracle!


Imagine these kinds of results for you or your loved one


So how do you cure Alzheimer’s disease and reverse memory loss?


Rebalance your gut microbiome so you have more good bacteria than bad.


This puts an end to neuroinflammation…


Which then stops the overproduction of amyloid plaques…


And allows your gut and brain to heal together. So you or your loved ones can restore your memories, sense of humor, and independence…


Or prevent ever experiencing Alzheimer’s disease in the first place…


We’ll show you how to do this in your FREE copy of this brand new, revolutionary report: The AWAKEN Protocol



(It IS free, but we have a limited number of copies, so it won’t be free for long. Be sure to keep watching to discover how to claim your copy!)


The AWAKEN Protocol heals your gut to naturally cure Alzheimer’s disease


It uses six natural therapies to not only slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease…


But to reverse its devastating effects.


This unique blend of therapies is simple to follow and has no negative side effects.


It’s something you can do at home on your own and tailor to your personal preferences


And it’s proven to restore your gut health to save your brain from Alzheimer’s.


You see, your body is an incredible natural “machine.” It has the capacity to heal itself without Big Pharma’s harsh medications. But you have to give it the right tools.


These tools are included in The AWAKEN Protocol.


For example, the first A of the AWAKEN Protocol stands for Anti-Inflammatory. Foods and spices that reduce neuroinflammation through your gut.


Of course, it makes sense that diet is one aspect of the cure.


Everything you eat goes through your gut. Everything you put in your mouth acts as fuel for your superhero good bacteria…


Or it feeds the neuroinflammation-loving bad bacteria. So to reverse Alzheimer’s disease you must


Eat to feed your good bacteria


The foods in the AWAKEN Protocol are high in natural chemicals that feed your good gut bacteria.


For example, in a study of 16,010 middle-aged people, those who ate these naturally sweet berries scored higher on cognitive tests than those who did not.[xvi]


In fact, the brains of berry eaters are biologically younger than people who don’t eat berries.


Berry eaters’ brains function at a level of someone up to six years younger![xvii]


Studies also show people who eat two or more servings each week are 52% less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease in the first place.[xviii]


These super-berries help reverse Alzheimer’s in two ways.


  1. They feed your good bacteria so it can fight inflammation, and
  2. They reduce the toxicity of amyloid plaques in your brain.[xix]


Nutrients in these berries dissolve those sticky plaques before they kill your neurons. And steal your memories for good.


It’s important to note that not all berries are created equal. You need to eat the right berries, in the right amount, to get the best results.


In your FREE report you’ll discover which berries have the best effect on your gut and brain


You’ll also discover dozens of other delicious foods and spices that feed your good bacteria.


Like the roots of Zingiberaceae plants.


The roots of these flowering plants have been used medicinally for centuries. In some cultures they’re known as the “cleanser of the body.”[xx]


And a huge body of research shows its ability to reverse Alzheimer’s disease.


Not only can it increase the diversity of good bacteria in your gut[xxi]


These roots reduce neuroinflammation and dissolve amyloid plaques.[xxii]


In one study, patients given low doses of the active chemical in these roots showed improved memory and cognitive function.


Lab results also showed fewer amyloid plaques and less inflammation.[xxiii]


What you eat is crucial to curing Alzheimer’s disease


That’s why three of the six therapies to reverse this disease have to do with eating. Not just diet, but eating the right foods to boost your good gut bacteria


So they can overpower the bad bacteria, stop neuroinflammation and reverse Alzheimer’s.


In your FREE copy of The AWAKEN Protocol, you’ll discover a wide variety of tasty foods that do exactly that.


Including a complete list of foods that create a “prebiotic effect” in your gut.


These foods feed your good gut bacteria so they can multiply faster. This helps you jump-start the process of reversing Alzheimer’s disease.[xxiv]


And you’ll discover foods stocked with good bacteria your gut can use to stop neuroinflammation. These, combined with the prebiotic effect foods, turbocharge your Alzheimer’s recovery.[xxv]


Plus, you’ll discover all the foods to AVOID. Eating these harmful foods is like pouring gasoline on the fires of neuroinflammation. They harm your gut bacteria, your body and your brain.


Besides what you eat, there are other parts of this remarkable Alzheimer’s disease cure.


Such as sleep.


Getting the right amount of sleep is vital to curing Alzheimer’s disease


Dr. Tanzi is adamant that you must make sleep a priority to reverse Alzheimer’s.[xxvi]


That’s why the N in the AWAKEN Protocol stands for Naps And Sleep.


While some people claim they “do just fine” on 6 or even 5 hours of sleep every night…


Not getting enough sleep damages your gut microbiome. And in turn, this lowers your defenses against Alzheimer’s disease.


It may seem like you’re not doing much while you sleep…


But your body is actually clearing out amyloid plaques…


Restocking your immune system… and reducing neuroinflammation.


When you’re sleep-deprived, even for a few days, your body and brain suffer.


You know this already.


When you haven’t slept well for even one or two nights you’re less alert. Your memory doesn’t work very well. You get moody and irritable.[xxvii]


And that’s just the short-term downside of too-little sleep. When this happens for months on end…


When you’re not sleeping the full recommended hours each night, you develop gut dysbiosis.


Your microbiome gets out of balance. This allows neuroinflammation to run rampant, destroying your brain cells.


Your gut microbiome creates the nutrients your brain needs to defeat Alzheimer’s disease, such as B vitamins.[xxviii]


And when you’re not sleeping, your gut isn’t making enough of these vitamins. You’re unable to quench the neuroinflammation[xxix]


Now, I understand getting enough sleep can be easier said than done.


A good night’s sleep, one that’s uninterrupted, sound, and rejuvenating, can be hard to come by.


Especially as we age.


That’s why


The AWAKEN Protocol is packed with natural sleep remedies to cure Alzheimer’s disease


You’ll discover everything you need to get a good night’s sleep. Night after night.


These will not only help you feel more alert and focused in the short term…


But will also help you reverse long-term damage and Alzheimer’s disease.


Plus, you’ll discover the right amount of sleep you need to cure Alzheimer’s. Too much sleep is not good for you either.[xxx] You need the “Goldilocks” amount—not too much or too little.


When you get your FREE copy of The AWAKEN Protocol, you’ll discover the perfect amount of sleep you need. And the best ways to fall asleep and stay asleep.


When you combine the foods in the AWAKEN Protocol with the right amount of sleep…


PLUS the other two elements of the cure… you have all the tools you need to reverse Alzheimer’s and live well.


This report reveals everything you need to rebalance your gut microbiome. And cure Alzheimer’s disease. And the best part?


You can get this cure, only available here, for free


In just a few minutes, I’ll show you how to claim your own FREE copy…


But first, I’d like to tell you about another amazing resource that could be yours today.


When you accept our free gift of The AWAKEN Protocol


You’ll also receive a FREE copy of Miracles from the Vault.



This book unlocks natural cures to cancer, arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and more.


With these two resources, you’ll have everything you need to live long and well…


Without relying on the greedy and misinformed Medical Establishment.


Let me show you a small window into the amazing discoveries inside Miracles from the Vault


First, let’s talk about cancer…


[[end lead]]


















[xvii] Diet for the Mind. Little, Brown and Co. 2017. pg. 72.

[xviii] Diet for the Mind. Little, Brown and Co. 2017. pg. 72.