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“Without a doubt my time at Ecela was the best experience of my life.” – Brenda Melo, Brazil

Attention Adventurous Spanish Seekers: 

At Ecela We Guarantee You’ll Speak Spanish
Faster and Better than You Ever Thought Possible
Enjoy an Amazing Cultural Adventure…

Even if you’ve never left home or spoken a word of Spanish!

Dear estudiante,

There’s an old saying that’s been proven true time after time:

Tell me and I’ll forget…

Teach me and I may remember…

Involve me and I’ll learn.

At Ecela, you’re involved with the Spanish language through small, focused classes and exciting cultural exploration…

That’s why Ecela students learn Spanish five times faster than with traditional teaching methods.

  • You gain confidence when you speak Spanish in a small group of four students, guided by patient teachers with excellent education backgrounds…
  • You’ll practice speaking Spanish with native speakers during cooking class while you stir fragrant aji amarillo peppers for a Peruvian lomo saltado recipe…
  • Or as you chat, in Spanish, about wine with the staff at your favorite Argentine vineyard
  • In a crowd of ecstatic Chilean spectators as you listen to the Spanish-speaking announcers at a weekend fútbol match in Santiago’s Estadio Nacional…
  • Or any of the countless adventures available to you in South America, either through Ecela or on your own.

Your immersion experience will fast-track your Spanish fluency so much that you’ll learn as much in three weeks at Ecela as you would in an entire semester at a university.

All of our Spanish classes are small, with a maximum of eight people… But each week we have fewer than eight spots available to new students because

  1. We must give priority to returning students and
  2. We reserve spots for our existing students who choose to extend their stay, which happens a lot.

Classes fill up so fast. The only way to lock in your Spanish-language adventure is to reserve your spot with a risk-free deposit.

Just fill in the form below to reserve your spot — completely guaranteed for seven days — and begin your once-in-a-lifetime cultural adventure!

If you change your mind about becoming a confident Spanish speaker any time in the next seven days, just let us know and we’ll refund every penny of your deposit. No questions asked.

  • Yes! I want to learn Spanish five times faster with Ecela than with traditional teaching methods! All I need to secure my place is my risk-free deposit.
  • If I change my mind any time in the next seven days, Ecela will refund my deposit. No questions asked.
  • Ecela will reschedule me at no additional cost or penalty if I decide to change locations at least 14 days before my scheduled class.
  • AND my entire experience is backed by Ecela’s iron-clad, 5-Star Guarantee. 

If I decide, for any reason, that my Ecela Spanish immersion program was not one of the best educational experiences I’ve ever had, Ecela will

  1. Refund the week’s class fee and
  2. Pay for me to study for one week at a competing school

I’ve got nothing to lose by reserving my spot…

With the confidence to speak Spanish anywhere — and a thrilling cultural adventure — to gain. Absolutely RISK FREE and guaranteed.

And, when you make your reservation we’ll send you three FREE “Bienvenida a la familia” (Welcome to the family) gifts, valued at more than US$144:

  1. Two 1-hour Spanish lessons with Live Lingua, an accredited, award-winning online language school. Your lessons are delivered via Skype with a live, professional teacher who is a native Spanish speaker from Latin America ($45 value).
  2. Five digital issues of Think Spanish, the award-winning magazine designed to improve your Spanish while discovering more about life and culture in Spanish-speaking countries ($99 value).
  3. Access to Comunidad Ecela, the exclusive Facebook group where you can get answers to your questions and find out what to expect during your Spanish immersion adventure (Value: Priceless peace of mind).

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Thank you for reserving your spot in your Ecela Spanish Immersion Program! We’re so excited you’ve joined the Ecela familia!

Your Order is #XXX. You’ll receive a confirmation email with details of your order.

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Access your three FREE gifts and start your love affair with the Spanish language and Latin American culture today!

Details will arrive in your inbox within 30 minutes.

An Arrivals Team Member will email you within 24 hours to guide you through the next steps, including housing options, travel arrangements and finalizing all your program details.

In the coming days and weeks the Arrivals Team will help you with everything you need to ensure you have an extraordinary experience with Ecela.

Thank you for choosing Ecela. We look forward to helping you transform into a confident Spanish speaker faster and with more fun than you thought possible!



P.S. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us! We’re here to help.

Email: info@ecela.com

Phone: (+1)347-329-5506