Think your thyroid is the problem? Think again!

Hey there, it’s The Sherpa.

We all know that as we get older our bodies change …

You can’t chow down restaurant food like you used to and stay slim and trim …

You’re nodding off on the couch at 8pm when you used to rock out on 4 hours of sleep every night …

Your once-thick and lustrous hair starts to get thin and a little listless …

What gives?

If getting older is a privilege, why does it feel so crappy?

Well, we know for a fact these changes are related to the body’s ability to produce and regulate hormones.

For example, you probably know that your thyroid is your “master hormone,” directly affecting many areas of your body.

And you know that when your thyroid hormones are low (aka hypothyroidism) it causes things like stubborn weight gain, low energy and a metabolism that’s slower than pouring molasses in January.

But the real question is: what causes your thyroid to stop producing like it used to?

It’s not just because you’re getting older.

It’s actually caused by something far more dangerous and insidious than simple aging.

False estrogen and your thyroid

As you know, our bodies absorb toxins from the environment all the time, and these affect us in negative ways.

But there’s one environmental toxin out there that’s causing you the most trouble.


Xenoestrogen (literally translated as “false estrogen”) is an endocrine disrupting chemical found in

  • herbicides used on corn … golf courses … commercial Christmas trees
  • phthalates used in cosmetics
  • BPA in plastic water bottles
  • Even in your tap water

When absorbed into your body, xenoestrogens mimic the real estrogen hormone.

This then interferes with hormone signaling and causes a buildup of excess estrogen, a condition called estrogen dominance.

In ladies, symptoms of estrogen dominance include weight gain (particularly around the hips, thighs and butt), low energy, insulin resistance and thinning hair.

In men, it can cause enlarged prostate, problems urinating, weight gain (especially “man boobs”), depression, thinning hair …

Do these symptoms sound familiar?

That’s because too much estrogen interferes with your thyroid’s ability to release hormones, causing hypothyroidism.

And not just that, but xenoestrogen actually blocks the release of thyroid hormone.

Your body is making too much estrogen and not enough thyroid hormone, throwing everything out of balance.

And guess what? All this extra hormone has to go somewhere … and estrogen likes to set up shop in fat cells, where your body has a difficult time getting rid of it.

It’s constantly creating more and more fat cells so all the extra estrogen has a place to hang out.

And your thyroid can’t clear it out because it’s being held hostage by xenoestrogens.

It’s a double whammy against your master hormone.

So before you jump to the conclusion that your thyroid needs to be managed, you may want to have your estrogen levels tested.

Once your estrogen levels return to normal, you may find your thyroid can function just fine.


How to get your energy back and kick that flab to the curb

It’s impossible to avoid xenoestrogens all together, but you can be diligent about reducing your exposure to them.

Unfortunately, that’s not enough.

You need to also take steps to rid your body of the buildup of estrogen so your thyroid and the rest of your endocrine system can function.

A great way to start is to aid your liver in its detoxifying power to flush out all these awful hormone-disrupting, energy-draining, fat-building false estrogen hormones from your body.

To do this, you could get more indole-3-carbinol (I3C), which promotes estrogen-blocking enzymes from the liver, by eating lightly steamed or pickled cruciferous vegetables such as kale, broccoli, cauliflower, sauerkraut and kimchee every day …

But these veggies are notorious for causing painful bloating and embarrassing flatulence.

No, thank you. I’ll pass on that.

You could get the detoxifying power of turmeric by eating a curry dish every day … but that gets old, even if you love curry.

Or, to get the super-antioxidant power of liver-loving catechins and EGCG found in green tea, you could drink 10 cups of it every day.

I love me some green tea, but seriously, 10 cups every day? Who wants to do that?

You need a long-term, sustainable solution that reduces estrogen buildup and clears out your receptors to get your energy back on track and metabolism bubbling like a courtyard fountain.

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It’s a delicious blend of organic superfoods, including matcha, which has 10 times the amount of EGCG than regular green tea, AND turmeric, but doesn’t taste like curry.

And you can mix it up and drink it down in less than 1 minute.

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Remember, always do your homework and use common sense to determine what is right for YOU.


Naturally yours,


The Sherpa


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