Your best friend’s health could be at serious risk

Hey there, it’s The Sherpa.

Today I want to extend the nutrition conversation to include ALL members of your family, including your dog.

Although they’ve been domesticated, dogs remain biologically close to their wolf ancestors, who still thrive in the wild by eating the raw organs, muscles and bones of their prey.

It sounds gross to us humans, but your dog needs the same nutrients as wolves in order to maintain digestive and immune system health, healthy joints and a thick, glossy coat of fur.

Unfortunately, the essential enzymes, vitamins and amino acids your dog would get in the wild can’t be found in conventional dog food

The high heat used to cook dog food destroys the delicate nutrients in the meat…

The truth is, if you’re only feeding your “fur baby” processed dog food, her health may be at serious risk.

He or she is most likely suffering from vitamin deficiencies, which can lead to heart-breaking health problems like muscle weakness… bone fractures… common cancers… and worse.

Your dog can’t tell you what may be wrong with her health… so it’s important you take steps to ensure your best friend is getting the nutrients her body needs.

To do this you could spend hundreds of dollars at the butcher counter, buying grass-fed beef kidneys… livers… hearts… bones and muscle meat…

Then find a few hours each week to prepare all these raw ingredients and add them to her bowl…

Or, you could spend less money and considerably less time opening a package of freeze-dried, organ and muscle meat─based nutrition powder… and sprinkling a spoonful on her favorite food.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not!

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Naturally yours,


The Sherpa


P.S. I myself am a dog lover and like you, I consider him part of our family. Therefore, I only recommend quality products without fillers, additives or artificial ingredients.

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