The Working System

Below is a 10-point outline of how The Indoctrinatrix begins, writes, and completes new projects.

If you would like more information before beginning a project, please contact The Indoctrinatrix for a complete information packet.

  1. Initial Contact

You’ve found The Indoctrinatrix, congratulations! You can contact via this website or email for a complimentary 15-minute consultation prior to step 2 to determine if your project needs and her schedule and style will work well together.

  1. Discussing the Project and Completing the Questionnaire

Once you all decide to move forward together, she likes to get as much information as possible, either on the phone or in person, about your business and how it operates, the current state of your marketing, and what your goals are for working together. She will send you a questionnaire in which you can provide more details.

The questionnaire should take about 15 to 30 minutes to complete, and it is time well spent. The better she understands your business and goals, the better she can tailor the writing and suggestions to those goals. Once you return the questionnaire you all will have a follow-up phone call where The Indoctrinatrix will present the proposal and discuss the strategy for moving forward. The schedule of progress reports will also be determined at this time.

  1. Investment and Getting Started

Please see the Services page for a general list of services. As part of the proposal, The Indoctrinatrix will include an itemized list of what she plans to do, along with the investment amounts. The amounts are based on length and difficulty and estimated amount of hours to complete the project, including time spent for research. The Indoctrinatrix reserves the right to require either one-half or the full amount of the investment before she begins work. 

  1. Research

The research process consists of a mix of Internet research, book, and library research, and discussions with you and/or your sales staff or other members of your team. The Indoctrinatrix likes to include you, the client, in the research process as no one knows more about your products and services than you and your team. Depending on the length and breadth of the project, this stage can take anywhere from one to three weeks.

Please note that this is a crucial step to increasing your profits. Knowing what to write and to whom are arguably more important than the writing itself.

  1. Review of First Drafts

Once the research is done she will send you a soft deadline. That is, a date by which you can expect the first draft. This can range between one week to four weeks, depending on the project.

  1. Revision Process

Once The Indoctrinatrix submits to you the first draft, she expects you’ll review it within 7 days. Review it, mark changes and then you all will discuss what you might like to see done differently.

  1. Additional Reviews

After the follow-up call she will make all agreed-upon changes and resubmit to you. Up to 2 rounds of revisions are included in the original quoted investment. Beyond that and a second-level investment will be negotiated before work continues.

  1. Final Approval and Investment

Once you have decided the copy is complete and final, the project is concluded. If you have an outstanding balance, The Indoctrinatrix will submit the delivery invoice, due upon receipt.

  1. Transition to New Projects

Once the project is completed to your satisfaction, we can discuss other projects.

Please feel free to contact The Indoctrinatrix with any questions you may have about the research and writing process. Thanks!